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Sub Category: Acoustic Acts, One man Shows Location: Singapore
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100 - 300

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Active Since: November 2016


I'm a singer-songwriter , influenced by different genres  of music such as rock, blues, pop, rnb, soul,etc.

I'm able to do solo acoustic performances consisting of covers as well as my very own originals.

I've just released my new solo single titled, "I Pray" , together with a music video and I'm currently working towards launching my first EP as a solo artist.

 I have a decent repertoire of covers enough for 3 sets and I'm able to perform different genres to suit event or gig requirements. 

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    Gig / Festival / Concerts / Promotional Concerts - Movies/Albums/Marketing Gimmicks / Open Mics/Artist Showcase

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    Acoustic Acts One man Shows



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0:45 - 3:00 hrs

Fee Range

SGD 100 - 300

  • Willing to play outside the city
  • Cables

  • Instrument

    Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
  • Mic

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